Modular Wood Type

This ongoing project is an investigating of the design, fabrication (via a CNC router), and letterpress printing of modular typographic letterforms. As a research project, I am interested in designing new and original letterforms that are inspired by historical typographic sources. The result of this investigation manifests as artistic production. This project is a collaboration with Tricia Treacy.

Here are our most recent modular wood typefaces:

Super Lento

In addition to designing and fabricating modular wood type, over the last few years we have developed and delivered hands-on workshops where participants design modular typography based on the physical characteristics of type-high wood blocks, and the CNC router. Tricia and I cut these forms on our CNC, and the next day participants print them on a letterpress, (or etching press if that’s what is available).

Workshops we have developed and delivered include:

Penland School of Crafts

Virginia Commonwealth University

We are always happy to travel our workshop if you are interested in hosting us.

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