Modular Wood Type: Super Lento

In collaboration with Tricia Treacy, I am investigating the design, fabrication (via a CNC router), and letterpress printing of modular typographic letterforms. As a research project, I am interested in designing new and original letterforms that are inspired by historical typographic sources. The result of this investigation manifests as artistic production.

This system is titled Super Lento (super slow), and is inspired by the modular typographic system Super Tipo Veloz created by Joan Trochut and produced in 1942 by Fundición Tipografica Iranzo in Barcelona, Spain. I translated this system of forms into a simpler, chromatic, modular system of wood type (each letter is constructed with two colors, each consisting of 4 squares), that can be combined in various and expressive ways via letterpress printing.

Here is the full alphabet:

And the modules (with quantities below) it consists of:

To fabricate these blocks, I commission the production of 2.75″ x 2.75″ x 0.918″ (type high) blocks from end grain ash. Thanks to Dennis Beach for the amazingly accurate milling. These blocks were cut on a Next Wave Automation Piranha FX in my studio in Landenberg, PA.

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This system is titled Splits and is inspired by a visit to Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.